GEOFLEX: A limestone-based rubber that is engineered to provide maximum flexibility for an unparalleled fit and is kinder to mother nature. (90% water impermeable, typically lasts 2-3 years and dries in about 3 hours.)

HYDRASILK: The next generation nylon, is a silky-smooth material that creates a hydrophobic (rejects H20) barrier. This barrier minimizes how much water is absorbed into its rubber core and protects against wind, keeping you warmer and drier, while making the suit lighter and longer-lasting. Plus it makes you feel all buttery inside.

SUSTAINABILITY: Each Geoflex wetsuit is Fair Trade certified, and contains reclaimed rubber tires, recycled neoprene, and water-based glue (solvent-free). For additional information on our eco-efforts, click here: Sustainability

Geoflex with Hydrasilk -aka the more sustainable Ichiban.


  • Hydrasilk: Minimizes water adsorption and maintains your suit’s overall shape memory, adding to its longevity. Hydrasilk is buttery-soft and located inside and outside of your suit, aka you won't want to take it off.
  • Oversized Knee Pads: Keep your duck diving knee pressure damage to a minimum with our oversized coverage.
  • YKK Vislon Zipper: Large #10V size zipper for ease of closure and prevention of salt corrosion.
  • Durasoft Nylon Taping: Taping is applied to the inside seams and is soft to the skin, for extra comfort, durability, and warmth.
  • Easy access external key pouch: With elastic cord on side of hip / you don't have to take your suit off to access a key or other items stored while surfing.
  • Water based adhesives: Used for laminating our Hydrasilk Nylon instead of conventional solvent-based glues and minimizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).
  • Eco Carbon Black: A recycled additive from post-consumer scrap tires that improves suit durability.
  • Recycled Trims: All trim from cutting patterns is reused to create more Geoflex sheets, to build more Matuse suits aka we make no waste.
  • Dope-dyeing yarn process: We add color to our Nylon before yarn extrusion, skipping traditional dying processes to save on energy and water. 

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