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Portugal is the place to be for European surfing this year! Santa Cruz welcomes back the Eurosurf while Peniche offers its waves to the EuroSUP. 

Surf's up in Portugal! The country is set to host two major European surfing championships this year, starting with the Eurosurf championship in Santa Cruz from July 21st to 30th. This event is a highlight of the iconic Ocean Spirit Festival and is expected to draw 200 surfers from 17 national teams.

The Eurosurf is the main event of European surfing and its significance is not lost on the organizers. At a ceremony announcing the full program of the event, Jean Luc Arassus, the president of the European Surfing Federation, thanked the Portuguese federation and its president João Aranha for bringing the Eurosurf back to Santa Cruz.
Arassus added that the European Surfing Federation aims to have the Eurosurf considered in the qualifying process for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics, similar to the Pan-American Games that qualify two surfers for the continent.

But the excitement doesn't stop there. Later on the same day, Arassus and Aranha went to Peniche for the signing of another protocol that established the organization of the EuroSUP (European Stand Up Paddle Championships) in the city. The ceremony was led by the local mayor, Henrique Bertino, and Paulo Ferreira, president of the Peniche Surfing Club, the operational arm of the municipality in this organization. While the specific date for the EuroSUP has yet to be announced, it promises to be another major event for European surfing.

All in all, Portugal is at the epicenter of European surfing this year, with two major championships that promise to showcase some of the best surfers in the world. Keep your eyes on Santa Cruz and Peniche and get ready to catch some waves!

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